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You are ready to execute your process. To do that, you need an installation of Scheer PAS Bridge up and running. Bridge access must be configured in the System Configuration of Designer.
Additionally, provide your credentials on the Bridge tab.

If you are doing a trial, this has already been prepared for you. You can continue with deploying and starting the service.

Find more information on the system administration on PAS Designer Administration.

Deploy and Start the Service of the Process

The BPMN process you have drawn can be deployed as an xUML service to the related BRIDGE.
The model toolbar features Bridge connection functions:


Click Deploy service to deploy your process service to the related Bridge. The status of the deployment is acknowledged by toast messages reading

  • Deploying the service.
  • Service successfully deployed and started.

Click Start service to start the service on the BRIDGE.

Click Stop service to stop the running service on the BRIDGE.

Click Open Bridge to switch to the deployed service on the BRIDGE.

Click Deploy service to deploy and start the service.

Test the Process

The service is up and running. You can access the UI of the service via a button on the service details pane.

The Applications page is displayed. It lists all available processes in this service.

Click Order_approval_1.

The Instances list displays all running instances of this process.
You can start a new process instance by clicking Start_Order_Approval_Process.

The form you have designed is displayed.
Enter some data and click OK.

Depending on what data you entered, either the approval or the rejection message is displayed.

On this Page:

Congratulations - you have done it!!
You have created your business process, and deployed and tested it.

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