This tutorial explains step by step how to configure the instance list for the order approval process created in tutorial 1.

David Stringer of ACME Corp. has created a simple order approval service for their purchasing department. But he is not yet satifdied with the information displayed in the instance list. Therefore he wants to configure the instance table to show process-related data.

You are going to help him with that task.

As a prerequisite for this tutorial, you must have completed tutorial 1 Creating a Simple Order Approval Service. If you have not yet done tutorial 1, you can import the order approval service from tutorial 1.

In this tutorial, we will show

  • how to map process data
  • how to configure the instance list to show process data
  • the functionalities of the instance list

All content in a lighter font color refers to the story of the tutorial.

If you are doing a trial and you have already received your personal credentials, you can access the PAS systems as follows:

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