This tutorial explains step by step how to create a simple order approval service using the Designer.

David Stringer of ACME Corp. has newly installed Scheer PAS Designer. Now, he wants to get a first impression on the capabilities, and so he is going to implement a simple order approval service for their purchasing department:

  • Employees can file orders for internal purchase.
  • They are only allowed to place orders that do not exceed a given limit. Such orders are forwarded to the supervisor, who has the option to approve or reject them. Orders below that limit should be processed automatically.
  • The purchase orders are maintained in an ERP system.

You are going to help him with that task.

In this tutorial, we will show

  • how to design forms with the Designer
  • how to draw BPMN diagrams with the Designer

  • how to map data between forms and the BPMN process
  • how to add executions to BPMN elements
  • how to test your application using the preview

All content in a lighter font color refers to the story of the tutorial.

If you are doing a trial and you have already received your personal credentials, you can access the PAS systems as follows:

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